Are Major Changes Heading to Greenville?


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From businesses coming into the area to skyscrapers starting to take shape, you can see all the revitalization going on in Jersey City. As of March 2015, there were 6,000 units that were under construction and 18,000 that received approvals. Residents are determined to make Jersey City better than ever, and now it looks like even more positive changes might be coming to the Greenville section.

With a “very livable” Livability Score of 73 according to AreaVibes, what makes Greenville even better is that it has welcoming neighbors, not to mention it’s minutes away from parks, cultural institutions, and public transportation. However, many agree that it could benefit from some improvements. The South Greenville Neighborhood Association, which formed in 2013, was already requesting changes in 2014 in the way of improving the quality of life and reducing crime. They handed over a wishlist of sorts in April 2014 that included requests such as renovating Columbia Park, installing police cameras, and revitalizing Ocean Avenue. It looks like some of those wishes might come true.

City officials are looking to make changes in Greenville by starting with Ocean Avenue South. Their first move is to implement new zoning rules for 115 individual parcels and 21 acres that are located from Cator Avenue to Merritt Street. Essentially, they’d like a revitalization in the form of residential and commercial development. Mayor Fulop stated, “We want to reestablish Ocean Avenue as a neighborhood destination as we restore our old historic downtowns to what they once were. These zoning changes are the first step in having Greenville share in the renaissance that other parts of the city have experienced. By working with the community, we developed a plan that will jumpstart investment and bring new stores, restaurants, and housing to an area that has long been overlooked.”

The President of the South Greenville Neighborhood Association, Martha Larkins, explained, “We think it would help a lot. We don’t want some huge development like Journal Square, but we think if it can be designed in a way that’s sensitive to some of the existing structures and the existing businesses … it could be great because we have a lot of abandoned buildings. It’s a difficult area.”

So let’s hear it! Are you in favor of the potential new changes that could be coming to Greenville?


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