Enos Park Redev Jersey City Overhead View Jpa

Redevelopment Plan for Enos Jones Park Heads to Planning Board

Jersey City’s latest redevelopment plan aims to facilitate growth in scale with an existing neighborhood and help generate funds to renovate one of Downtown’s most western parks.
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328 Montgomery Street Jersey City Sol Azteca

Controversial 328 Montgomery Renovation Heads to Jersey City Planning Board

A new restaurant opening at the property has been a headache for some neighbors, and some are concerned the process to revamp the building hasn’t been transparent.
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14th Street Redevelopment Site

Zoning Changes Could Bring Development to 14th Street Garden Center’s Doorstep

A developer is asking Jersey City to amend a redevelopment plan, which could pave the way for a new residential project as high as 18 stories.
Hudson Place Pedestrian Plaza solution

A Pedestrian Plaza For Hoboken’s Hudson Place?

Hoboken’s Hudson Place may be crawling with pedestrians, but its car-first design has one activist envisioning a vehicle-free plaza for the block.
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