31 Apartments Planned for a Bayonne Neighborhood

343 347 Avenue A Bayonne
Site of proposed development: 343-347 Avenue A, Bayonne. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Since the Avenue A corridor in Bayonne is largely residential, with single-family, two-family, and multi-family homes lining much of the block along the city’s west side, there is one site at the corner of Washington Parkway that seems somewhat out of place for the area. A large vacant lot stands at 343 and 345-347 Avenue A with a few remnants of a business called Avenue A Auto Service that used to operate there. Now, as part of a new proposal, this property could be redeveloped, causing it to go from being home to one of the largest empty lots in the immediate vicinity to containing one of the largest apartment buildings on this part of the block.

A company that has a similar name to the one that bought both the tracts that make up the site roughly two years ago has submitted an application to the Bayonne Planning Board that calls for constructing a five-story building there. The structure, which would be just over 63 feet tall, is expected to include 31 residential units, according to two legal notices. 345-347 Avenue A Urban Renewal, LLC also is planning to include 36 parking spaces, partially through the use of what is described as “mechanical/stacked parking.”

The site is situated a block away from the Newark Bay and is near the G. Thomas DiDomenico Park and Municipal Pool. The closest Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station, 8th Street, is around a half-mile away from the premises though there is New Jersey Transit bus service to Jersey City and Manhattan along nearby John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

The Bayonne Planning Board is scheduled to hear the developer’s application during its meeting on Tuesday, April 9, at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. The company wants to receive Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval with two parking-related exceptions from the board.

The hearing comes around seven months after the Bayonne Municipal Council voted to designate the property owner, 345-347 Avenue A, LLC as the site’s redeveloper and to approve a redevelopment agreement between the City of Bayonne and the company. A resolution regarding the matter showed that the redeveloper was registered with Mitchell Burakovsky at the address of Stanley Jewelers on Broadway.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Bayonne Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. Insanity…mechanical stacked parking on a quiet residential street…really?
    And a 63 foot tall structure on a “Bayonne Box” lined street…really?
    So how are our elected officials looking after the best interests of Bayonne residents?

  2. The planned structure and mechanical stacked parking will not fit into the character of this neighborhood. Bayonne development is out of control, while at the same time, the infrastructure, particularly roads and storm sewers, are not adequately addressed. There is more litter and garbage here than in NYC. Can we please have smart, green development?

  3. There should be another ten building like this built where ever they are possible! This city is a sinking ship filled with dead wood in the form of ugly, blighted buildings occupied by imbeciles. It’s time to drive this dysfunction out and save the neighborhood via massive redevelopment.

  4. Bring it on! The more massive redevelopment the better! People in Bayonne should wake up and stop complaining about developers who’s investment and work will save this sinking ship of a city and start complaining about the hundreds of broken down, blighted properties, decrepit buildings, trees that are hacked to death and filthy streets!


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