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We’re Jersey Digs, but you can call us JD.

According to the internet, this is where our elevator pitch should be, so here it goes: we’re New Jersey’s go-to source for real estate & community development news.

Official, right? We think so too. Now on to the fun stuff.

Since we’re getting to know each other, it’s probably worth noting that we are unapologetically nosey when it comes to community development. We are not the kind of people that can walk by 5 new construction sites on our 15-minute trek to the PATH without wanting to know what and who we’ll be welcoming to the neighborhood. And that’s really where it all began. With some good-intentioned, nosey neighbors looking to stay in-the-know about the quickly changing landscape of their community.

So we started digging. And we found two things:

  1. There is so much more happening in New Jersey than we could have ever anticipated. New businesses and buildings are practically springing out of the ground like dandelions.
  2. People were talking about it, but no one was necessarily documenting it all in one place.

Now we ask you: what’s a group of curious community members supposed to do when their interests happen to align with something that their community is lacking?

And so Jersey Digs was born.

Whether it’s going up or coming down, moving in or closing shop, getting flipped or being preserved – if it’s happening in your New Jersey neck of the woods, we’ve got you covered.

After all, if we’re going to be nosey neighbors, we can at least be helpful ones!

The JD Team

Darrell Simmons


Web developer. Tech brains of the operation. Aspiring green thumb. Owner of a fine collection of snapbacks. Powered by seltzer water.

Huma Moid


Frequent flyer. Lover of minimalist architecture and design. Dance music aficionado. Friend to the Frenchies.


CFO (Chief Frenchie Officer)

Enforcer of lunch breaks. Shameless snorer. Finder of Cheez-Its crumbs. Lover of chin rests. Star of @FranklyHank

Chris Fry
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Chris moved to Hoboken seven years ago, quickly discovering both the area’s rich history and exciting future (and that view doesn’t hurt either). A University of Massachusetts graduate, journalist, wannabe city planner and husband to a brilliant Chef, he enjoys playing guitar, good company and traveling.

Jared Kofsky
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Jared Kofsky covers New Jersey government, economic development, real estate, and history for Jersey Digs, and is also the founder and editor of Essex County Place, a news website serving Greater Newark. His photography has been featured by The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and the University of Pennsylvania, and his reporting has been cited by publications such as The New York Times, The Star-Ledger, New Jersey Business, Cosmopolitan, Curbed, and POLITICO.

Gillian Blair
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Gillian is a longtime resident of Journal Square and excited to be writing about and for Jersey City. She has nearly 15 years of NYC real estate marketing and advertising experience, creating campaigns for everything from luxury rentals to the Empire State Building, and she holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.

Joanna Arcieri
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Joanna Arcieri is a freelance writer who lives in Jersey City. She holds a MA in media studies from The New School, where she wrote an independent study on the JC Make It Yours campaign. She has previously written for Buzzfeed.

Rima Abousleiman
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Rima focuses primarily on architecture for Jersey Digs. She’s intrigued by the development happening all across New Jersey — living in the suburbs and working in Jersey City give her a fair sampling of all that’s going on. She’s a graduate of Wentworth Institute of Technology who enjoys exploring museums on weekends, a quality meal, and any sort of adventure — long or short.

Heather Dean Bennington
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Heather Dean Bennington is a writer whose experience includes covering the dining industry of northern New Jersey. When she’s not writing, this former All-American college soccer player enjoys traveling, competing in triathlons, and volunteering with her moms’ group. She resides in New Providence, NJ with her husband and young son.